Some of my clients (in no particular order)





University Library of Nijmegen

6 years

17th-18th books

Due to privacy regulations no names here

Municipal Archive of


5 years

Burgemeestersrekeningen (Mayor Accounts) 17th century parchment bound records

University Library of


28 years (still)

Oldest university collection called ‘Van Buchell’, valuable books from the ‘vault collection’, Thomaasse Collection

University Library of


11 years

Old and rare books (15th to 18th century leather bound)

Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh

2 years

Sketchbooks of Vincent van Gogh, 2 scrapbooks of Vincent van Gogh

Rijksmuseum Twenthe Enschede

1 year

Complete Manuscripts collection 12th to 15th  century handwritten illuminated vellum books

Municipal Archive of Sittard

27  years


Various projects including damage assessment

Private Library of  Prof. Ton Koopman

26 years


Biggest private collection (before 1850) on historical books and prints about music; carefully selected and maintained by one of the greatest musicians ever

Bibliotheca Thysiana Leiden

5 years

Historical private library (17th century) in fully restored original location,  once belonged to the prematurely deceased Johan Thysius

University Library of


5 years

Collection Meijer, historical collection of juridical books

Maritime Museum

of Rotterdam

25 years


19th century books on maritime history

City Library of


1 year

Conservationproject Ver Huell (including preselection of microformatted material)

Library Ets Haim / Portuguese Synagoge Amsterdam

5 years


Old and rare mostly Hebrew books (16th to 19th century), UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Private collection of  Mr. Paul v.d. Weijer

8 years

Extremely valuable and rare printed items, all achieved by his ancestors and now collected by Paul v.d. Weijer

Numerous private clients

30 years


Many, many, very many books, from all ages, in all sort of condition and from all corners of the world

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